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Our District

The Strath Taieri District is located an hour's drive inland from Dunedin on State Highway 87, three hours from Queenstown and Wanaka and five and a half hours drive from Christchurch.

The district covers 6,805 hectares of land and stretches 65km from north to south and 55km from east to west. It encompasses the Rock and Pillar range, part of the Te Papanui Conservation Park in the Lammerlaw and Lammermoor ranges and the magnificent Taieri River.

Several distinct areas exist within the region. The Strath Taieri generally refers to the plain bounded by the Rock and Pillar range and with Middlemarch at its centre. To the north is Hyde, an old gold ming town. Pukerangi also supported gold mining and is now an important stop on the Taieri Gorge Railway. Clarks Junction is at the crossroads of the historic Old Dunstan Road and State Highway 87.

The spectacular landscapes offer visitors wilderness, tussock country, splendid vistas, striking rock tors as well as enjoyment of a busy farming district.

The agricultural opportunities that attracted our first settlers remain today with fresh opportunities developing in tourism stimulated by the Otago Central Rail Trail. This has spurred a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and is increasingly viewed as a great place to visit.

The tranquility, many recreational opportunities, the laid back lifestyle and the friendly locals friendly will make your stay memorable from start to finish.

How our District works

Middlemarch, Hyde, Pukerangi, Clarks Junction and Hindon have at various times been intertwined politically, as faith communities and as rural areas with Middlemarch as the service centre. This is also where the District High School existed for many years until 1974, when the road between Middlemarch and the Taieri was fully sealed.

Strath Taieri Community Board region

The region is united through the Strath Taieri Community Board with five elected members.

Members of the Strath Taieri Community Board for the period 2019 - 2022 are:

Barry Williams (Chairman): Ph: 464 3718. Mobile: 027 4866433.

David (Jock) Frew: Ph: 464 3876. Mobile: 027 820 1923.

Blair Dale: Mobile: 027 464 3125.

Robin Thomas: Mobile: 021 477 455.

Mark O’Neill: Ph: 03 444 4827. Mobile: 027 699 4730.

Our local ward councillor is Mike Lord: Ph 486 2730

Mobile: 0274 382 097

Further information:

Community Board meetings are generally held on a Thursday with meeting start times are 5.00 pm during the daylight saving period (October to April) and 2.00 pm for the balance of the year.

The Community Board has developed a Community Plan and minutes, agendas reports are available on the Dunedin City Council website.

According to Statistics New Zealand, the 2006 Census confirms that the usually resident population of our district is 600. The corresponding population of Middlemarch is 432.